The Whitney

(Whitney Museum of American Art)

The & Partnership


The Whitney was looking for a refresh of their branding around the city. Much of my work for them was brainstorming lines for the new campaign. The creative parameters we were given included the idea of immersive feeling/expression, as well as the idea that the Whitney is always updating their collection, so there's always something new to see — it's different, fresher than any other museum in New York.

There were lots of ideas tossed around, but it culminated in the "Feel _____ Here" campaign, which was a product out of a group effort of thinking. After the campaign was decided, we had more work to do: filling in the blank.

Before the campaign was decided, one of my lines made the short list to be presented to the Whitney executive board: "Exactly What You Wouldn't Expect." Of course, ultimately, we went in this direction.

Of the images on the left, I wrote "Color," "History" and "Home."


The Whitney voice is one of elegance, but not one of arrogance. It's supposed to open up the journey to the journeyer — words like "experience" or "immerse" over words like "look" or "see." And it's always aiming for authenticity of expression.

This post, for which I wrote the simple copy, got nearly 50,000 views on Facebook.

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