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The Wall Street Journal was looking for a new video spot for their tagline "Good things come to those who don't wait." They wanted to do something intellectual yet bright, with humor. The three items below are ideas I pitched that were approved to turn into scripts for potential presentation to the client. These are the scripts I wrote.

"Ugly is the New Beautiful"


"Ferris Wheel"


"Stranded on an Island"


The Wall Street Journal wanted to do a campaign targeting the college demographic to place on college campuses, focused on the "Good things come to those who don't wait" mantra. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Undergrad doesn't mean underperform.

  • Don't fall behind when you're trying to get ahead. / Don't fall behind trying to get ahead. / In your four years getting ahead, don't fall behind.

  • You're on the right path. Now keep the right pace.

  • Four years is a marathon. You sprint marathons.

  • Get ahead while you're getting ahead.

  • "Try and try again" is for those who don't succeed the first time.

  • You're here because you want to get there.

  • There's a world beyond graduation you can't afford not to know.

  • You keep up with your world. Keep up with the rest.

  • You got ahead. Don't let them catch up.

  • If you don't get ahead, you fall behind.

  • Today is to prepare for tomorrow.