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When Determination Meets the Mat

Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Award recipient, 2nd place in "Personality Profile"; 11,000 total entries

"Steven Baumann prides his family in being humble. 'Arrogant' is not in the Baumann vernacular.

However, in the case of his son Alexander Baumann ’15, there are just a few things to brag about.

This isn’t just because he’s a part of the JV wrestling team. Nor is it just because he is 'awesome,' as Alexander Baumann himself proclaims.

'We think he’s our gift from heaven,' Steven Baumann said. 'Some parents with special needs children don’t look at them that way—well, we look at him that way.'"

Cheering in Baritone

Columbia Scholastic Press Association Gold Circle Award recipient, honorable mention in "Sports Features"; 11,000 total entries

"He pulls his uniform from his closet and lays it out on his bed: shorts, a white undershirt, and a red shirt with BMHS, for Brien McMahon High School, emblazoned on his chest above a small white star.

Although he will be hitting the gridiron today, he won’t be wearing a helmet. He’ll be riling up the crowd.

Yes, Ivan Matson, a senior boy at McMahon High School, is a cheerleader."

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